What do we mean by “opportunities for African creatives”?

What do we mean by "opportunities for African creatives"?

Trybe is all about sharing opportunities for African creatives but what does that actually mean? To put it simply, we share opportunities that Africans can apply for.

There are hundreds of opportunities that are shared every day around the world, and for a lot of them, you have to be from particular countries like the UK, Germany or the US to apply.

We know how difficult it is to get funding, grants and opportunities as an African creative, so we want to make it as easy as possible for you.

We’ll share a little bit of a breakdown below, but we hope it’s pretty clear already.


When you click ‘location’ on the opportunity calendar, you will only find African countries listed.  Some of the opportunities may only be for creatives in West Africa, and some only for creatives in East Africa. Sometimes, you’ll find an opportunity that’s only for creatives in one African country- like Zimbabwe. In any case, we only share opportunities that we know creatives from an African country, even if it’s only one, can apply to.


 You will always find the eligibility location(s) on the opportunity you select. So in this picture we see the location says Ghana. That means it’s only eligible for people who live in Ghana or have a Ghanaian passport. 

You should always read the details thoroughly to find out if you’re eligible. ,


Sometimes, you will see a location that says, ‘some African countries’. This means creatives from a number of African countries can apply- so many that we can’t list them.

Please check the details of the opportunity to find out if you’re eligible


If you’re not based in Africa, or you’re not from an African country and you’re still interested in opportunities, check the details thoroughly as most of the opportunities are international. Which means if you’re from India, the UK or even America you may still be able to apply.

For opportunities like this, the location will often be ‘worldwide’. 

And that’s it! If you have an opportunity that you would like to share on our website, please email us at opportunities@trybeafrica.com. For a list of the type of opportunities we share, head to this blog.

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