What opportunities do you share on Trybe?

What opportunities do we share on Trybe?

If you’ve ever asked yourself what kind of opportunities Trybe share on their website, here is a list so you can stop asking.

A financial award provided to individuals or organisations in the creative industry to support specific artistic projects, such as films, music albums, art installations, or literature, often based on merit or a proposal.

A designated pool of financial resources within the creative industry used to support various initiatives, including the production of creative works, cultural projects, or artistic events.

Recognition or honour given to individuals or groups in acknowledgement of outstanding achievements, contributions, or excellence in their artistic endeavours.

A contest or event in which individuals or teams compete to demonstrate their skills, talents, or expertise.

A program that offers creatives dedicated time and space to work on their projects, often in a new or inspiring environment.

Open Call
An invitation or announcement that welcomes individuals or groups to participate in a particular opportunity, such as submitting art, proposals, or projects.

A regular payment or allowance typically provided to support living expenses, education, or research.

Workshops, Mentoring, Training
Educational and skill-building sessions or programs designed to enhance participants’ knowledge and abilities in a specific area often involving guidance from experienced mentors or trainers.

Opportunities for creatives to showcase their work in galleries, museums, or other public spaces.

Opportunities for writers, poets, or authors to have their work published in magazines, journals, or books.

Longer-term opportunities that provide financial support, workspace, and resources to support a creative’s professional development, research, or creative work

Opportunities for creatives to collaborate with other artists, organisations, or institutions on specific projects.

Networking Events
Events or conferences that provide opportunities for creatives to network, connect, and collaborate with others in their field.

Opportunities for emerging creatives to gain practical experience in their field by working with established organisations or professionals.

Licensing Opportunities
Opportunities for creatives to license their work for use in various media, such as films, advertisements, or merchandise.

Artist Markets and Fairs
Events where artists can sell their work directly to the public, such as craft fairs, art markets, or online platforms.

Financial support for creatives to pursue further education or training in their field.

Contract, part-time or full-time creative roles with companies.

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