The Easy Invoice Portfolio Every Creative Needs

The Easy Invoice Template Every Creative Needs

We’ve created two simple and easy-to-edit invoice templates for creatives to save you time, energy and frustration. One is a word doc, the other is an excel spreadsheet-both are editable and most importantly completely free!

excel Spreadsheet and word doc Invoice Template

Why do I need an invoice?

An invoice isn’t just a piece of paper or a digital document – it’s a crucial tool for maintaining a healthy and transparent business relationship. Not only does it serve as a formal request for payment, but it also outlines the details of the products or services you’ve provided. An invoice is your business’s way of saying, ‘Here’s what you asked for, and here’s what it costs.’ It not only helps you keep track of your earnings but also provides a clear record for your clients.

When should I send my invoice?

Don’t treat your invoice like a last-minute party invitation. To help you get paid on time send your invoice as soon as you’ve accepted the job OR when you’ve delivered the goods or completed the service.

Remember to tailor your invoice based on the country you live in, and include any extra details you’re legally obliged to add. 


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