An Easy Artist CV/Resume Template ​

An Easy Artist CV/Resume Template

We looked through a dozen artist resumes online to put together an easy template for you to download.

As an artist, your resume or CV serves as a comprehensive record of your achievements, showcasing your exhibitions, awards, residencies, and educational background. It provides organisations or individuals with insight into your career progression and can heavily influence decisions, such as whether a gallery offers you a show or a collector decides to acquire your work.

While artist resumes generally follow a standardised format, variations may arise depending on factors like whether you’re applying for a certain opportunity and whether they have certain requirements. 

It’s important to understand that an artist’s resume differs from a traditional CV and doesn’t necessarily need to adhere to a one—or two-page limit. Typically, the length of the CV correlates with the length of the artist’s career. For instance, we saw one CV that was 32 pages long! 

Our artist CV templates include the following:

  • Full Name
  • Born (Date, Location)
  • Resides and Works (Location)
  • Education
  • Solo Exhibitions
  • Group Exhibitions
  • Residencies
  • Awards
  • Grants
  • Notable Collections
  • Press/Bibliography

This artist resume template has everything you need to start applying to opportunities on Trybe. So what are you waiting for?

Canva Artist cv Template

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