TIPA Photo Contest

Opportunity type: Competition

For: Photographers

Deadline: 15/01/24

Rewards: Up to €1,500 + publishing 

Location Eligibility: Worldwide

About this opportunity

This contest is designed to celebrate and promote the art of photography, calling upon both professionals and passionate hobbyists to showcase their unique relationship with their photography equipment. With a deep-rooted history in recognizing the best cameras, lenses, and other imaging products, TIPA’s latest contest presents three compelling categories for entry: “My Camera and I,” which invites photographers to share self-portraits with their equipment; “My Camera in Action,” focusing on photographers in the midst of their craft; and “What’s in My Camera Bag,” a category that gives a glimpse into the tools and accessories photographers cherish. This contest, beyond being a competition, is a celebration of the shared passion for the craft, and TIPA is eager to witness the myriad ways photographers from around the world engage with their gear.


The overall winner receives 1,500 € and each of the category winners receives 500 €. The total cash prize is 3,000 Euros. Furthermore, winning images will be published on the TIPA website and in select TIPA member magazines and websites globally.


18 and above.

.Entry Fee


How to Apply

Apply using the link: https://bit.ly/40qN0aq

All questions regarding this competition should be sent to office@tipa.com.



Jan 15 2024

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