The Morning People Fund Q3

Opportunity type:  Fund

For:  Different Creatives

Deadline: 01/08/24, 11:59 pm

Rewards:  Mentorship + £4,000 + Exposure

Location Eligibility: Worldwide

About this opportunity

MØRNING, a creative strategy studio, are offering anyone with a great idea  £4,000.
The MØRNING People Fund (MPF) supports boundary-pushing work and encourages community-driven creative ideas, such as exhibitions, podcasts, tech experiments, or zine releases, to bring brilliant ideas to life.


£4,000 and a 45 mentoring session to one creative project.


This opportunity is opened to different creatives all over the world.

Entry Fee


How to Apply

Apply using the link: The Morning People Fund

But before you do, make sure you read their manifesto and terms and conditions below.

1. Read our Manifesto:
2. Read our Terms and Conditions:

All questions regarding this award should be sent to



Aug 01 2024

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Cash Reward,
No Entry Fee


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