The Sigg Art Prize 2024

Opportunity type:  Awards

For:  AI Artists 

Deadline: 04/05/24, 3 pm GMT

Rewards: €10,000.

Location Eligibility: Worldwide

About this opportunity

The Sigg Art Prize is seeking artists who are using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to push the boundaries of artistic creation and redefine the future of creativity.

Sigg Art Foundation empowers emerging creatives, with a special focus on artists challenging history and its artistic heritage through the lens of digital and technological innovation. The Sigg Art Prize is designed not only to celebrate the pioneering spirit of artists delving into the realms of Artificial Imagination but also to materially support their journey.

This year 2024, the launching theme -“Future Desert”- offers a canvas open to individual interpretation, inviting participants to explore its countless dimensions. Our panel of experts – gathering both globally recognized human entities and an artificial counterpart – will undertake the discerning evaluation of each artist’s trajectory and the innovative essence encapsulated within the project synopsis to ensures equitable representation and deliberation, fostering an environment of intellectual rigor and diversity of perspective in the adjudication process.




  • Opened to emerging artists who challenge artistic heritage through digital and technological innovation.
  • There is no age limitation on this opportunity.

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How to Apply

Apply using the link: Sigg Art Prize 2024

All questions regarding this award should be sent to .


May 04 2024

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