Picto Foundation Le19M Metiers D’Art Photography Fund

Opportunity type: Fund.

For: Photographers.

Deadline: 17/03/24.

Rewards: Endowment of €500 + Photographic commission worth €5,000 + more

Location Eligibility: Worldwide.

About this opportunity

The le19M de la Photographie des Métiers d’Art endowment identifies a photographer who is capable of developing original creative proposals around the Fashion and Decoration Art Crafts: aesthetic approach, personal universe, and sensitivity will determine the winner, who will collaborate with one of the resident houses of le19M, a site conceived and designed by Maison CHANEL, dedicated to the creation and transmission of fashion crafts.


  • A photographic commission worth €5,000, produced on behalf of la Galerie du 19M, in collaboration with one of the resident houses of le19M, a place of Fashion and Decoration Crafts in Paris-Aubervilliers.
  • The opportunity to join the public collections of the Palais Galliera.
  • An endowment of €500 with the support of the Saif.
  • Personalised mentoring with the LGA Management agency (6 coaching sessions to access the market step by step).
  • Post-production retouching sessions to optimise the portfolio, for film and photo production, with the JANVIER Digital Photographic Laboratory.
  • A day at the Studio Daguerre.


This grant is open to all photographers under the age of 35 years all over the world.

Entry Fee


How to Apply

Apply using the link: The Le19M Metiers Grant. Send applications to prixpictodelamode@picto.fr.

All questions regarding this award should be sent to the contact session on their website.


Mar 17 2024

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Cash Reward,
No Entry Fee



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