MØRNING People Fund

Opportunity type: Fund

For:  Different creatives

Deadline: 01/02/24

Rewards: £4,000

Location Eligibility: Worldwide

About this opportunity

MPF is *The MØRNING People Fund* a quarterly grant for artists, creatives, dreamers and innovators, designed to fuel the boundary-pushing work that keeps culture alive. Do you have a creative idea that needs cash to make a reality? Or maybe a project which could use extra funding?.


  • £4,000
  • 45 minute coaching session with a MØRNING team member.



Applicants can be any age provided they are a legal adult in their country of residence (18 years and above)

Anyone who needs help bringing a brilliant creative idea to life can apply. MORNING PEOPLE are artists, designers, musicians, entrepreneurs, hackers, photographers, writers, filmmakers, illustrators, developers, students, pensioners, robots, cats. We’re all ears.

Entry Fee


How to Apply

Apply using the link  https://bit.ly/3S33YIj

All questions regarding this award should be sent to  good@morning.fyi .


Feb 01 2024

More Info

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Cash Reward,
No Entry Fee



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