FluxusMuseum Prize

Opportunity type: Prize

For: Filmmakers

Deadline: 15/12/23

Rewards: Up to €10,000 + exhibition + commissioned work

Location Eligibility: Worldwide

About this opportunity

FluxusMuseum Prize for Experimental Video is seeking proposals for experimental works. Selected proposals will be commissioned and featured in the first video exhibition at FluxusMuseum in July – August 2024, as well as being displayed on FluxusMuseum website, ensuring a wide-reaching audience both in person and online. Films will be shown in our main exhibition hall and also on a continuous loop in our cinema for the duration of the exhibition. We welcome all submissions that are in the experimental spirit of Fluxus, but not in any way bound by any particular understanding of Fluxus.


Selected works will be commissioned for a fee of €600. Successful proposals will be selected by the Fluxus editorial team. On acceptance of a proposal, the Fluxus Museum will pay €300 to commission the work and deliver a further €300 upon receiving the completed work.

The completed films will then be entered into a competition judged by FluxusMuseum audience both in person at the museum and online. Three prizes, 1 x €10,000 and 2 x €5000, will be awarded to the makers of the winning videos.


All ages.

.Entry Fee


How to Apply

Apply using the link: https://bit.ly/46FtBV3

All questions regarding this prize should be sent to fluxusmuseumprize@gmail.com.



Dec 15 2023

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Cash Reward,
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