Finnish National Museum’s Combine 24 Competition

Opportunity type:  Competition

For:  Artists

Deadline: 31/05/24

Rewards: Up to €10,000

Location Eligibility: Worldwide

About this opportunity

The Finnish National Gallery is hosting an open generative art competition called Combine24. Participants are asked to create a new generative artwork that innovatively uses the copyright-free, CC0-licensed collection data of the Finnish National Gallery in its implementation.


  • First prize – €10,000
  • Second prize – €8,000
  • Audience Favorite prize – €5,000



This is a worldwide generative art competition that is open to all natural individuals or working groups made up of natural persons. However, any artist or group of artists that is

  • Subject to an international sanction (see Sanctions – Foreign Ministry.
  • Burdened by one of the following exclusion criteria—involvement in or financing of organized criminal activity, terrorism and/or human trafficking, money laundering and/or art forgery in the five years prior to 2024—will not be allowed to compete, according to the Finnish National Gallery.


Entry Fee


How to Apply

Apply using the link : Combine 24

All questions regarding this award should be sent to


May 31 2024

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Cash Reward,
No Entry Fee


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