2023Thu28Dec16:00Hues of Liberation: Echoes and Waves

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Hues of Liberation: Echoes and Waves Immersive art experience

Event Type:  Art exhibition

Date and Time: 28th December

Location: Accra, available after registration 

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This month, to crown the ending of 2023 and thank all Drama Queens staff, colleagues, friends, acquaintances and guests, Drama Queens is hosting an exhibition to showcase the differing art we have produced over the past few years, especially this year. These art pieces embody the queer and gender identities and lived experiences of their writers/creators. In a quest to liberate ourselves from oppression, and improve 2024 and the subsequent years, we hope these pieces motivate you to strive to embrace your identities and those of others. With this immersive art experience, may your identities, lived experiences, beliefs and politics be validated and enhanced with our utilization of sound and sight.
After the exhibition, we are also organizing an end-of-year shindig for our huge Drama Queens family to come together and celebrate our collective efforts in liberating ourselves and the society.

Date & Time

Thursday, Dec 28, 2023, 16:00 pm(GMT+00:00)


TBC (Location in Accra)

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