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Son of God

₵4 321.00
Shinpi Nazo
In stock
Product Details

Size: 33.11" x 33.11"

Material: Matte Paper

Edition: 10

Price: $350


Buy original work by Ghanaian visual artist Shinpi Nazo.

Introducing "Holy Men: Cut From A Different Cloth" by the enigmatic digital artist, Shinpi Nazo. Unveiling a unique perspective, Shinpi Nazo brilliantly reimagines the timeless tale of the 3 Wise Men through the lens of diversity and cultural richness.

Experience the fusion of art and mystery as Shinpi Nazo, the elusive creator, brings these iconic figures to life in a way that challenges norms and sparks contemplation. Each piece tells a story, celebrating the essence of individuality and the beauty found in our differences.

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